Friday, May 28, 2010

Last Day of School!

 (Donna Wood, Christy Van Steenburg, Carol Kroeger, Anne Price, and Joe Anderson)
These are some of the MOST AMAZING people I know! 
Five members of the DCA staff...I couldn't get everyone, but I just LOVE these guys! 
LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These people!!! = ) 
As the Lord continues to reveal His path for us in this New Season...I am SO GRATEFUL to my KING JESUS for allowing us these past 4 years at DCA! 

After we picked up Daniel and Isabella from the pick up line for the last time this year, we headed over to Cold Stone Creamery where we were given a special treat from a dear friend to be able to take the kids for ice cream as an end of school fun time! 

With Daddy home right now, he enjoyed the festivities with us! First time in 4 years!
We also got to have Gramma and Grandaddy join us! My parents are the BEST! And it's always fun to have them join us for events like this. 
Caela and Gramma fought over some ice cream...and Grandaddy joined us afterwards from work. 
Isabella and Liliana enjoyed hanging out with each other. 
Today, we went to the DCA Elementary Awards Ceremony at Blacksburg Christian Fellowship. Again...Daddy got to witness his first awards ceremony in 4 years! 

And I had HELP with the LITTLE ONES!!! = ) 

Here's Daniel's class getting ready for their awards.

Daniel recieved two awards:

"Hard Worker Award" 
"Fun to Be With Award"

Isabella's pic didn't turn out of her getting her award.

She received:

"Spiritual Gift of Patience Award"
"Passionate Wordsmith Award" 
(Interesting?!) = )

We got pics at the playground afterwards.

Caela being silly! And Liliana and Gracie's "Lunch mommy", Chloe, when we helped in Isabella's class! 

It was a GREAT YEAR! We are in awe of the Lord's kindness to us through DCA! Especially this year when I was pretty much out of commission with my Depression and Burnout. We could never repay the kindness and generousity of the teachers, Staff, and parents of this precious school. 

Good - bye DCA! We will miss you this Summer!

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