Monday, May 24, 2010

Come visit us in our HOME!

Just wanted to share some pics of AWESOME home with all of you! 
This is our NON TRADITIONAL home! 
This is our view in the WINTER TIME! From our front door. 

This is our view from the back door!

This is our living room. 

This is our dining room taken from the living room. 

This is our upstairs family bathroom right after Isabella cleaned it! 

I just wanted to share some of our home with you! 

More to come!

Peace of the Lord...



What utter loevliness! I just love it! Thank you for sharing some truly inspiring photos! I love seeing into peoples' homes. My nesting instinct has FINALLY kicked in so I am way into redecorating our hodge podge house and have finally settled into a nice Victorian (but not too fancy) traditional style, much like yours! I have tried modern, updated, retro, and nothing says home like traditional and classic styles. Beautiful views you have too! Great to see you blogging and checking in my friend!

Prudence said...

you have a beautiful home.
I have featured both you and Isabella on my blog today. I hope you approve. I did not give out to much on how to contact Isabella, but sent them to you blog. I was so proud of her as I was writing, I hope she gets some sales. You must be very proud of her!
God bless,

Chris in FL--Joyful Mother said...

thanks for you your comment Cheryl. So glad to have you visiting. Pls drop by anytime. You have a great home and family. You are a joyfully blessed mommy...

From one "joyful mother" to another...