Saturday, May 22, 2010

Continuing the Journey....

It's Saturday. 

What a WONDERFUL day "Saturday" is! 

It's the day you can BREATH and WANDER...a day when you can PLAY and REST. 
A day to WONDER and wrap your little ones in your arms and then say, 

"Hey! Where can we go today!"

It's the day when Daddy puts on his classical music and you smell the aroma of pancakes and sausage wafting from the kitchen while little ones play on the floor in the living room or
watch their favorite cartoons in the family room.

Today is a special is my dear friend, Robin's, Birthday! 

Robin was God's gift to me this crucible year. I prayed for this precious woman and the Lord brought her to me one year ago. I have been SO blessed by her and pray that this day would be 


This past week was filled with sweet moments with friends! 

Last night we enjoyed the uniting of two EXTRAORDINARY people! 

Dug and Mr. and Mrs. Dug Hampton!

Dug is the Headmaster for Dayspring Christian Academy where the Lord has so graciously allowed our Caela, Isabella, and Daniel to attend school the last 4 years! 

in their UNION! 

Congratuations, Dug and Joanna! You are DEARLY LOVED!!

The children enjoyed playing with their friends and so did Bill and I! 

John and Lynn Albano have been precious friends over the last 4 years! 
It was SO FUN to just hang out with them last night! 

Our dear friend, Phil, is back home for the Summer after his first year at Liberty. Gracie just hung out with Mr. Phil! 

So fun to be with his AWESOME mom and dad, Brian and Dorothea and that DARRAH, too! 
Isabella got to hang with her best buds from school...

Here's Liliana with David Albano and Caela got to be with her friend, Danielle. 

 As we walk out this Journey to God's will for us at this season, we see the fruit of friendship that He has given us in the NRV and trust that if He calls us away that those friendships will be a continued blessing and an encouragment to the fruit that will come in the 
New Land. 

This is our buddy, Brian, with Liliana the other night at dinner..
Is this not the CUTEST thing!!!!!! 

This is my ORANGE chair. = ) 

This is where I have SO MANY wonderful conversations with friends in my kitchen. 

This is where our buddy, Brian, comes and shares what 
he hears the Lord saying as we go through this Journey. 

As we continue to seek the Lord for His direction, His provision and His voice during this time 
we pray FERVENTLY for His BEST for not only us but for all these precious friends in this 
precious place.

"Jesus, come and have YOUR way with us. That we might bring You GLORY, and be instruments of 
YOUR LIFE in the lives of others."
May this be a fruitful and life giving Saturday to all of you!
Peace of the Lord....


Anonymous said...

It's been a while since I've visited also. I'm adding you into my reader now :)

I've enjoyed playing some catch up reading. I wish I had a comfortable orange chair...hehe! Our kitchen table chairs are quite uncomfortable with the ruptured disks in my lower back.

Have a great weekend!

Sara S. said...

Hello there Cheryl! Thanks for stopping by my blog again and saying hi! I have stopped and visited your blog many times, but something or more likely some little one always calls me or needs before I get a chance to leave a comment! Please keep me posted as you start on this exciting new adventure for your family. There is nothing better!

Blessings bloggy friend!

Cheryl said...

Hey Ladies!

Great to have you visit!

Would LOVE to have your prayers for us during this season. Still waiting for confirmation for this call. I'm beginning to get excited about the possibility! That's always a good sign. = )

Much love to you both!

Dimpled Dempseys... said...

I've been following this woman's blog for some time now. She's incredibly funny and has a strong walk with Jesus. She shared this post today and I was so moved by it that I had to share it with you.

Love you, Cheryl!