Saturday, May 15, 2010

Ah...Saturday! (for Joe...our random happenings)

I know it's been a WHILE since I've posted anything! 
We have been so consumed with waiting on the Lord for Bill's work and the Lord's provision at this time that my schedule is WACKO! 
But, today I heard from a DEAR DEAR friend, Joe Gainer, who happened upon my blog and I wanted to bless him and his family with some updated happenings at the McCarthy house..

Which we call...
"Blossom Berry Cottage"...
Isabella came up with that name 4 years ago when she was 6. = )

With Bill's more open schedule, right now,

he's been able to enjoy the kids more. 
And here he is at DCA as "Lunch Dad" with Isabella's class.

VA TECH's year is coming to a close so we are saying goodbye to not only our precious River students, but also a dear friend who has moved to Richmond, Colby! 
Here are Bina, Colby, Caela, and Brian on Colby's last Sunday with us...
we miss you, Colby!

Here are Gracie and Mr. Tom at The River Picnic and me saying good - bye to Becca on campus. We will miss you, Tom and Lexi and Becca and all you AWESOME TECH and RADFORD students!

Here's Caela hanging with her "Brother" Brian. She's learning a lot about prayer and what an ENCOURAGER you are, Brian! 

Thank you for loving our Caela!

Here is Caela with her classmates after the Math Olympics. Caela came in 4th in her Division! 

(Caela, Rachel, Noah, Landon, Zion, and Seth...GO DCA!)
Two weeks ago, Isabella joined her Aunt Susie at The Villa's at Pepper's Ferry Bazaar to sell her earrings! She is quite the ARTIST!

I mentioned on Facebook how the kids had spent last Saturday building a tent in the yard...well, here it is! and here are Alex and Shane, our neighbor boys, joining Liliana inside for some tea! 

On Mother's Day I got the BEST PRESENT!!! 


Here is Isabella showing off her clean bathroom!

Here are Daniel and Gracie scrubbin' away...and Caela was happy as a camper plowing through the Playroom! 

I had gotten WAY BEHIND on my house cleaning and the family just JUMPED right in on Sunday!!! 

Gracie ended up on the porch swing and took a long nap. = ) 

By evening they were OUT! = ) 
Even though this is a stretching time for us, waiting on the Lord to reveal His plan to us for this season, I have to has been SUCH A BLESSING to have Daddy around more often...LET ME TELL YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! = )
After Bill working two jobs and only getting to see him, really, for a few hours or so in the evenings, it's been a SWEET and PLEASANT awakening to have him available to us.

The kids are LOVIN' IT and so is Mommy...our mornings on the porch in prayer are a treasure!

We know that soon he will be off working again, in whatever way the Lord would lead, but right now, we are savoring this time with Daddy! 

Joe, I hope this was a joy for you to see how we are these days. 
Now you have to update YOUR blog! = ) 

We hope everyone has enjoyed walking with us through the last few weeks in these pics. Thank you to ALL who are in prayer for us right now! We look forward to sharing His call in our lives at this season when He reveals it to us. 

AGAIN, please continue to pray that we would HEAR and OBEY! 

Much love...all us mccarthys

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