Thursday, May 6, 2010

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart, lean not to your own understanding..."

 Today...Bill and I went to pray. Like we have been doing in the morning every day since the layoff. I started to pray...then...the Lord spoke to my heart and said, 

"You are out of order. Bill needs to pray."

So I told Bill. He tells me he was thinking the same thing! 
We sit in silent prayer for a bit. Bill says to me, 
"I am drawn to praise Him for his creation. I think I'll go get my guitar".

Then...we began to worship TOGETHER...ALL 4 OF US! 

And the Holy Spirit just WELLED! 

Thank You, Jesus, for allowing us this time to seek you enter into Your presence in the beauty of your creation. 
Thank you for the sweetness of Your presence in our children. = )

And look forward to Your continued provision and your place for Bill at this season! 


Joseph Gainer said...

Wow, Cheryl and Bill, your blog is great.

I have been thinking about you, and last night I woke from a dream that you both (Cheryl and Bill) and Caela walked in our back door. I put my arms around Caela and eventually hugged you both too. I know this has got to be a tough time (again) for you. My arms are reaching out to you, as are the arms and hands of our Father. I just finished the final 40-page paper for a class, but behind the flurry of finishing up this work, you have been on my mind.
The best, deepest love to you and the children, Your brother, Joe

Cheryl said...

Oh, Joe ~

What a sweet wash of spring rain from our dear brother!!! The other day I was just remembering the dream you had YEARS ago, about New Year's Eve in our home and you were walking upstairs. You passed the door where Bill was putting our little curly headed girl down for bed. You said,"It was so beautiful how tender Bill was with his little girl". That's all I remember. But I think you had that dream before we had children. = )

It is such a gift to have the Lord moving in our closest and dearest friends right now. We are anticipating a new season to our lives. We don't know where He is taking us, but we are trusting Him that we will be able to HEAR and OBEY His call when it comes.

Please kiss all the Gainers and know that you are a plumline in our lives. Your friendship and love has been a huge part of making us who we are today. = )

We love you so dearly ~
Bill, Cheryl, Caela, Isabella, Daniel, Gracie, and Liliana