Sunday, June 6, 2010

I Love My Children....

 (Gracie swinging on the tree swing in the back of the our house)

It's Summer time. Lazy days...shirtless boys...bare feet...
dirt sifted throughout the house...

(Liliana and Gracie)

Lots of extra time for LOVIN'!!!!


sissy...the best big brother EVER!!!!

Isabella is LOVIN' those River babies!!!

Little Abbie Vance and Nickita! 

We have 4 new babies at The River.
Today, my precious 12 year old daughter, Caela, was asked to serve the wine this morning. I only wish it was appropriate to have taken some PICTURES!!! = ) 

We usually always sit on the left side of the church, but Caela was LEMing on the right side, so we CHEATED and stood in the left side of the aisle. = ) 

We all lined up at the rail...Gracie, Daniel, Isabella, Liliana and Mommy and Caela followed after Mr. Jim and when she came to me I just looked up at her and cried. = ) To know that this was SUCH a blessing to her and to be given the opportunity to serve this way...I am so grateful that Jesus has wooed Caela to Himself and that she truly is "an aroma of Christ in every place". This is the verse the Lord gave me for her when I was 5 months pregnant with her. 
She is our "Caela Lily" "aroma of Christ". = ) 

(Caela with Jean Bosco and Jean Baptiste during the MIZERO Forgiveness Tour 2008)

And I am SO GRATEFUL for this young woman! This is Tabi Mayhew and she leads worship for New Horizon's Youth Group, in Radford, where Caela has been visiting with a friend from school. Caela has been "experiencing God" in worship and it is SUCH a blessing to see her worship on Sunday mornings!!! Thank you, Tabi, for your heart for the Lord and being used to help raise up a generation of worshipers!!! 

It is a profound blessing to see your children exhibiting the character and LOVE of Christ!!! I am daily thankful to be given the blessing of raising "arrows" for the Lord to use in this world to proclaim the personhood and Glory of Jesus see them recognize the Lord in their daily dealings, to see them discover the Joy of being His servants and as they stumble along in their journey...they show the little decisions they make along the way that He is with them and that His Spirit lives in them. 

I hope you all are enjoying your Summer so far! 
I'm reveling in my most precious gifts quiver full. = )

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