Wednesday, September 8, 2010


The Fall is approaching...
and the McCarthy Home School is brewing...
like a tea kettle on the stove top...

at any moment...the whistle will BLOW! 
Today was an interesting day.

Been vascilating back and forth as to ...should I or shouldn't I embark on 
Home Schooling...with all the upheaval we are going through right now. 

"Lord, what do I do? Am I crazy to even think I COULD do this NOW?"
We had a down day today. 
I watched the children and imagined what our lives would look like as a Home Schooling family, again, with 5 now instead of 3. 

Then tonight I hit the internet...and OH! what a WEALTH!!
What a remembrance! What JOY filled me as I read blog after blog, forum after forum, website after website! 

I remembered ALL the long hours of researching 6 years ago and discovering how PASSIONATELY I embraced Charlotte Mason! 
I started getting EXCITED about all the FUN and DISCOVERY we will have this new year 
as a our new Pastor Mark refers to us...The McCarthy Tribe
Doing things like ...this...

 And this...
Going out on Adventures together! 

Discovering together...

Learning together...

Ministering together...

Sharing together...
Snuggling together...

Reading together...


Playing together...

Learning and Growing
Together in 
God's Word
and in His


Encouraging eachother and others...

There won't be any days with
backpacks waiting and staring 
out into the dark for 
your early morning ride in 
the dead of winter. = ) 
Sweet Momma, the middle of the day! 
LOTS of SWEET MOMMA Moments! = )

As I read the blogs and was placed in the Home School Life, again, through all the 
pictures and words, and stories...I just WELLED inside and thought

"If not now, when?"

We only have our little ones for a brief time. How much time we waste not 
TRULY pouring into them...if Home Schooling is where the Lord is leading.  He will give the increase...He will expand the tent.

My prayer is that the Lord will FUEL me with this excitement and vision
and that He will heal me and work with us as we embark on
this new school year. 

We travel to New Bern on Friday...

I have a week alone to gather my thoughts, PRAY, and discern this new year. 

The future is SO bright! 

Gotta put our SUNGLASSES ON!!! = ) 


Carolyn said...

Good for you!!! Happy to hear that you will be home schooling! There is no place like home for children to be nurtured and to learn! :)

Hugs, Carolyn ~ Cottage Sunshine

Kate @ Bliss and That said...

Hi, Cheryl! It was SO good to hear from you this morning! I was blessed by your visit and words. :) It's good to see you back...

I'm just so, so excited to hear (and read this post) that you're starting up HS again! Yippe, how awesome! Being my first year (first month!) I'm by no means "into" a rhythm yet or know what I'm doing, but feel more confident every day that I can do this! :) I choose MFW after not a TON of research (although I did look into other curriculums...), but just knowing from others that they had loved it with their little ones and that it was comprehensive and gentle both. It also is easy for me to follow with the manual, since I'm new to this all! ;) As far as the message boards, here's the site so you can poke around as much as you want. I'm not on it a ton, but do get good ideas for lessons and encouragement from time to time. Are you teaching many different ages with your little ones? (I have to go back and look how old!)

Thanks again for your visit! God's blessings as you start your journey with HS again! :) I'm sure you'll fall right back in easily!

Anonymous said...

What a great post! Embrace the days of homeschooling :)

Cheryl said...

Hey Ladies!

Carolyn...You always are just SO encouraging!

Kate! I didn't realize this was YOUR first year of HS! WOW! I jumped on the MTW message board and hoping to get a feel for what will work for us. We have 4 in school...K, 3rd, 5th, and I would REALLy like something that is CMason based and work with all the kids. I don't mind mixing as long as I can work it to bring out the best in each of them and what workds with each of their learning styles.

Hey, Tamara! Always a BLESSING to hear from you! Hoping to visit your blog's a Tea Time visit everytime. = )

Much love to all!

Trophy and Barb said...

Thanks for posting on my Weaver blog. Hope you enjoy it. Looking forward to learning more about you and your precious family. For more info about our curriculum choices for this year, check out this post on my other blog: