Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Two of Our Favorite People!...Happy Birthday, Lexi!

It's someone's Birthday TODAY and I thought, 

"What a wonderful opportunity to share about two of our FAVORITE people!" 

Today is Lexi VanDervort's Birthday! 


Lexi and Tom, her fiancee, are two of our FAVORITE people! 


About...oh, my..18 months ago...two college students came to visit The River. I know, LOTS of VA TECH college students visit The River, but on this particular Sunday I was especially drawn to these two. 

It was a Pizza Potluck Sunday and after the service I remember asking them to sit at our table. 

Tom started sharing all his passion! I knew from that first lunch conversation that these two precious people were REALLY SPECIAL!!! = )

Over the next 18+ months we would see each other mainly on Sundays. Tom and Lexi would sit with us every Sunday and Gracie and Isabella..of all the children...ESPECIALLY...bonded with their new friends! 
Gracie has a Special place in her heart for Mr. Tom and Isabella usually ends up with her head in Lexi's lap getting her hair rubbed! 

(A Friday Autumn afternoon in Blacksburg, VA)
It's been a bit tough going these last few months, as we have waited on the Lord to lead us to New Bern. I've been a bit of a hermit holding down the fort with the kiddos. When I was able to begin seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and return to The River after the Lord brought the buyer for our house, it was SUCH A GIFT to have Tom and Lexi hanging with us again at The River

(Liliana and Gracie's Trick or Treating Buddy, Mr. Tom!)
In this life, Jesus gives us people, along the journey, that we get to pour into and we get to receive from. These are people that touch us in a deep and longstanding way. These are people that we find a "kindred" ness to...a richness in their presence...and safe place, a place to be challenged, encouraged, and loved. 

I'm sure you can tell by now...


Tom and Lexi are getting married on January 1, 2011. 


It has been a treasure to walk with them in prayer and encouragement watching the Lord grow two strong, earth tilled souls together, and be given the privilege to anticipate their "one flesh" union in the beginning of a new year! 

I believe very strongly that Jesus has an AWESOME path for them to walk in this life and I can't wait to watch it unfold!!!! 
I just wanted to express how very BLESSED we have been, as a family, to have Tom and Lexi in our lives. Though we don't see each other very often, the times the Lord gives us is rich, sweet, and beautiful! I am most especially grateful for the LOVE and KINDNESS they have shown to our little brood! And Tom's love towards Gracie has been a balm on her heart that I have prayed for ...and Jesus saw fit to give her Mr. Tom. = ) 

This is what you want to see! Don't you think?! = ) 
Nothing like two little girls jumping into your arms before you even get through the door! = )

Tom and Lexi...may our Lord Jesus LIVE and BREATH and HAVE HIS BEING IN YOU all the days of your lives! May you know, Sweet Lexi, how BEAUTIFUL you are inside and out! How honoring and radiant you allow yourself to be before your King! How blessed the little ones are to have you as such an example of Godly Virtue and Grace! mmm...

And you, Dear Tom, how deep your waters run as a Tree planted by streams of water! OH! MAN! If someone could paint on canvas the depiction of what Jesus has wrought in you for His people and His plan...as His son and soon as the Priest of your home. 

Thank You, Jesus, on this the Day the Lord has Made...when You brought Lexi into the light...her Birthday...Thank You, for allowing our paths to cross and may they remain close in line as You lead all of us by the way. 


May it be a BEAUTIFUL DAY!!! = )

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