Tuesday, November 16, 2010

We are Getting Close! New Bern...HERE WE COME!

Good Evening, my Bloggy Friends. 

I'm sitting in my soon to be EMPTY office with a sweet little puppy named, Daisy Mae, 
sitting on my lap. 
(Little Gracie with our possible addition, Miss Daisy Mae)
Bill just got in last night after a week a part. He will now be with us until Saturday and then joining us in Sapphire Valley, NC where we will joining my parents at their Time Share for the week of Thanksgiving. 

What a PROFOUND gift the Lord has given us in His PERFECT TIMING! 

To end this 6 month stint of Faith Stretching with a WEEK TOGETHER to celebrate Thanksgiving! Right before the week we move into our new home!

(Our New Home! You can see our van parked in the driveway!)

I'm still in shock! 

As I look back on the last 6 months and all the waiting, wondering, discerning, and PRAISING! 
To see the Lord Call His children and then Provide for their every need with 
More than we could EVER ask or imagine! 

I would like to introduce you to some of our new dear friends and co laborers at 
Healing Grace Church.

Michael and Katie Sandifer, Bruce and Carol McPhail, and Dave and Wendy Nicholson...just to name a few! 

Just tonight I was walking little Daisy Mae and just getting SO EXCITED about FINALLY being in New Bern, in our NEW HOME, and joining my brothers and sisters in Christ as we walk out God's plan for Healing Grace Church.

This week we are PACKING, PACKING, PACKING...and working out all the details of our move. 

It's funny, sitting here writing about it it doesn't seem that overwhelming, but as we try to juggle kids and go through boxes, and work out help with friends and family...it's like getting the last BIG PUSH! 

When we finally get settled in New Bern...enjoying Christmas in New Bern! 
I look forward to  seeing what LIFE as a MISSIONARY family will actually look like
on the GROUND. 

I look forward to walks in Greenbriar with (hopefully) little Daisy Mae, and my dear friend, Jane, who lives RIGHT DOWN THE STREET!

(Jane Cooke and Margaret Brewbaker)
I look forward to Coffee Time with my dear friend, Margaret! 

Being able to help with my friends Denise and Kelly and their little babies.

(Little Omari Scherrer and his mommy, Kelly)
To be able to share the Love of Christ with my new neighbors and their children, 
to pray PHYSICALLY with my Healing Grace Family, to be a vital part of the HG Leadership Team seeing how the Lord would use my gifts and the gifts of the children joining Bill to serve HGC, New Bern, and the NATIONS! 
He is AT WORK IN GREAT AND MIGHTY WAYS at HGC now...it will be SUCH a GIFT to be a hands on part of His Grace and Mercy and Power on the ground. 

It's the last leg of the journey to New Bern. Can't Believe It!

Thank you for your PRAYERS and ENCOURAGEMENT! 

We welcome you to continue the journey with us in


Much love to all...

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