Saturday, November 20, 2010

It's been a GOOD Day...

It's close to midnight on a quiet Autumn evening. 

The little ones are nestled in their little beds...
Daddy is on the road...traveling to New Bern, by himself, for the last time. 

Mommy is listening to the stillness, but for the dryer beeping at it's random intervals. 
It's been a GOOD day. 

Today I went to visit a friend. She wasn't home, but I got to enjoy the 

BEAUTY that was on her front door! Aren't these GORGEOUS! 

I then played hookey from the fam and visited a little Antique Shop on
Depot Street in Christiansburg. I took a picture, but it didn't turn out. = ( 
But I so enjoyed walking the rooms and soaking in the 

BEAUTY of timeless treasures. 

Yesterday, little Daisy Mae was picked up by her current owner for a week while we are away. We still don't know if she'll end up a member of the McCarthy Tribe, but doesn't Isabella look GOOD with her in her arms?! = )

Gracie has enjoyed the focused time of playing on Caela's DS. She's such a little whirlwind MOST of the time, I just HAD to get some pics of her QUIET and STILL...another BEAUTY shot! 

Today Isabella got to have a playdate with one of her BFF's, Abbie. 

Isabella's 11th Birthday is December 11th. 
Hoping we can maybe get a little early celebrating with her VA friends before we leave. 

Two BEAUTIFUL girls!

(Bill and I with our friend, Tom Herrick)
Tomorrow is Bill's last Sunday at Healing Grace Church....
ALONE! = )
And it's a SPECIAL time for the Healing Grace Family! 
After the service our dear friend, Tom, will be having a Skype Conference with our new Church Family for his last Church Planting Coaching session with the HGC Leadership Team. 
These last 8 months have been AWESOME in building the foundations for HGC. 
Wishing the kids and I could be there! 
He is a BEAUTIFUL instrument in the hand of a BEAUTIFUL God! 
So looking forward to seeing the Lord do GREAT and MIGHTY things through HGC's time with Tom in addition to all the other factors that have built such a STRONG foundation for 
this precious church Jesus has called us to serve in. 

Tonight, I leave you with the BEAUTY of these gorgeous fragrant roses! 
I bought them for $3.99 at Kroger last week. 
Jesus knew I needed some BEAUTY to accompany this week of 
brown and black and upheaval with boxes, tape, and paper.
May the Rose of Sharon visit with you this night and especially on His Day
the Sabbath! 

May His Spirit fill you and refresh you as you worship Him with YOUR body of believers tomorrow. 

Peace of the Lord...


Lisa said...

Hi Cheryl! Thanks so much for visiting my blog and your sweet comment. I am enjoying reading your blog and I'm now your newest follower! :) also visited your other 2. They are great as well. Your family is beautiful! I look forward to reading more.

I'd be honored if you'd stop back and follow me too. :)
Lisa xoxo

Mom of Many said...

Thank you so much for stopping over at my place Ms. Cheryl! New I'm a few hours from there. Your new home is absolutely beautiful and looks so roomy and spacious! May God bless you and your beautiful family as you make this move!

Ginger said...

Hey! I made your blog!!! Or, at least my front door did! I am so sorry I've missed your MULTIPLE attempts to visit with me. We were down in Georgia for the holidays and didn't return until last night. :o( I hope I haven't missed getting to see you before you leave!!!