Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Journey TOGETHER begins!

What a RIDE it's been since we left Christiansburg! 
I want to apologize to all of you 
for the utter DELAY in filling you in on our move to New Bern! 

But, I can't think of a better time to share than to begin this year with 
a photo album of this past month and all the Lord has done to lead us to His work 
in New Bern!

December 2-4 were BIG DAYS for the McCarthy Family AND for all the AWESOME family...both blood and church family in getting us packed and ready to hit the road to New Bern! 

As you can see, Liliana says it ALL! 
We had driven to Barnes and Noble for our last HOORAH there..sad to say, but New Bern DOES NOT have a B&N! By the time we set off we were all about as spent as Liliana!  

 Before we left we were able to spend some good quality time with some of our friends and have our last visit to Gillie's Restraunt.

 My dear friend, Robin, and I had a WONDERFUL breakfast and then the kids and Bill and I enjoyed breakfast the following day before all the packing started.

We got to spend our last Sunday Lunch with Scott, Sandy, and Kelsey! They have been a consistant blessing of encouragement and fellowship! We will miss our friends and my parents much as we are in New Bern, but it was a GREAT GIFT to be able to have those sweet moments right before we left.

Then the packing and loading...

Gramma was a HUGE blessing for MONTHS!!! 

Then came the River and New Horizon's troops! 

Jesus is SO KIND to give you what you need when you need it and we could NOT have done this move without all these amazing people!!! 

Jim Sallie and the River Interns - Josh and Ryan.

Robin, Allison, Juli, Mandy, 
the crew from New Horizons (they left before I could get a pic!)

And then the second wave! 
Michael, Pastor Mark, and Dave drove all the way from New Bern to drive the trucks down!!! 

  And to send us off was our sweet friend, Lexi! 

THANK YOU, EVERYONE, for your TIRELESS SACRIFICE to get us to New Bern! 

Good bye 
355 Tanglewood...


We met the unloading crew on Saturday, December 4th.

Kelly and Carol tackled the kitchen, the guys kept the furniture going and Miss Jane got pretty snuggled on the chair with Gracie,
BIG JOB keeping her settled! = )

 The Lord provided so many new friends from Healing Grace to help...even our new young neighbor, 15 year old, Aaron, from across the street!

What a blessing to feel so cared for and received after 6 months of waiting. = )
We enjoyed a LOVELY home cooked meal, provided by Michael and Katie, on our first night in our new home. 

Eric, Kelly, and Omari joined us and it was such a sweet time together! 

Thanks, Michael and Katie, for an AWESOME first meal!

The children have enjoyed their new rooms and getting settled back with toys and books they haven't seen in 6 months. Liliana is now in her OWN BIG BED and LOVING IT!!! 

And Mommy is LOVING her new house!!! 

Jesus was so kind and dear that He even gave me a kitchen painted in the EXACT same color I painted my kitchen in Northern, VA!!! 

As Bill and I survey our new house we sit in AWE at God's KINDNESS and MERCY. 

We know that He has given us this amazing, taylor made home because He has MUCH He wants to use it for in our lives and the lives of HEALING GRACE CHURCH. 

We look forward to how He leads us in using His house for His purposes and just GRATEFUL to be LIVING here! 

Thank you, Jesus!

Right after moving in we had Isabella's 11th Birthday!

She got to enjoy it with her family and with new friends!

Our first week of settling we got MANY visits from our neighbors! 

Lots of COOKIES! 

We've also gotten the JOY of watching little Omari every Wednesday morning! 

One day, Isabella got all the kids together and had an IMPROMPTU TEA PARTY! Daniel even went upstairs and put on his Sunday Church shirt to be PROPER!

Definitely children after my own heart! = ) 

I really don't know WHAT happened to Liliana's shirt! = ) 
As you can see, below, this house has some fun little cubby holes. 

And Gracie is modeling her PINK TU TU  her Uncle Armand gave her! 

As you can see, we spend A LOT of time in our kitchen! 

Then came 


We enjoyed the Healing Grace Christmas Party!

Everyone had a MAGICAL time at Pastor Mark and Miss Jane's house! 


As you can see, Omari, gets around! 

The beautiful thing I LOVE about Healing Grace Church, is how the Lord is bringing together the GENERATIONS! 

And such RICH, FAITH FILLED, HUNGRY for God people
of ALL ages! 
The kids also enjoyed tree shopping and baking cookies for the homeless in Morehead City. 

We also LOVED our gift from Miss Jenny!! HOMEMADE BREAD!!! 

We scarfed that down in about 30 minutes! 


Then came Christmas Week! 

Decorating the tree, our AWESOME Christmas Eve Service, and our Christmas STOMACH FLU!!! 

It started with Caela and hit 4 our of the 7 of us. 


Liliana spent Christmas morning on the floor opening her gifts!

The children had a wonderful time Christmas Morning. 

They enjoyed getting some fun presents, 

Enjoyed singing, "Happy Birthday, Jesus!" 

And we just spent the day in total NAP MODE! 

Liliana, Gracie and I had a WONDERFUL Christmas Nap together!

One of the HIGHLIGHTS for me!

My two favorite presents were

1. While driving to Church on Christmas Eve we got lost. In the quiet of the van an impromptu chorus of Silent Night broke out from all the children. My favorite present!

2. Because of all the illness Mommy didn't have time to wrap all the gifts. I had two little elves named, Isabella and Caela, join me Christmas Eve wrapping all the little ones presents until midnight! 
SUCH a SWEET SWEET time with my girls! 

And now, we begin 2011! 

The GREATEST gift of all is being TOGETHER!!! 

It is an INCREDIBLE gift to have Daddy around! 
It is an INCREDIBLE gift to be in Ministry 


as a family!

Like unto the night before a wedding, when the bride and groom don't see each other until the ceremony of a NEW LIFE...such is the 6 months that we were a part from Bill. 

Now we are almost settled in our home, 
homeschooling starts in full swing for our 
McCarthy Homeschool January 17th,
and illness has LEFT the BUILDING!!! 

 We are enjoying listening to the Lord as to His instruction for us along with the Leadership Team at Healing Grace. 

We have already seen the Lord bringing so many AWESOME people into our midst at HGC! 

We await our Service tomorrow as our Pastor Mark shares the VISION of 2011 
for Healing Grace Church with us! 

PLEASE join us in prayer for this service tomorrow! 

So, as we walk out Epiphany, 
as we embark on this new season for our family and for our church family
we look forward in anticipation as to what the Lord has in store for us, His servants, to be about as we

the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords!

Happy New Year!!! 
Much love...All Us McCarthys


Ginger said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR POSTING PICTURES!!!! Cheryl, I miss you so much but can't help but be excited about how God is using y'all! I was teary-eyed as I read your blog! Your house seems WONDERFUL. I'd love to see more pictures of all those rooms. What and change from Tanglewood!!! It seems to suit your taste well. Love you, friend.

Cheryl said...


HOW FUN to hear from you!!!

Ginger, we LOVE our new house SO MUCH! It is unique, spacious, and my favorite part is the's SMACK DAB in the center of the house! We are in there all the time! I was just thinking tonight how I want to introduce everyone to our home and it's rooms. It's amazing how everything fits so well and that we all have what we need for our own existance here and to be open to the Lord's hospitality.

We would LOVE to have you come through sometime on your way to Georgia, I don't know how far out of the way that would be...but we have the RIVER and the BEACH only 30 min. away.

We love you guys SO MUCH, too!

Kiss everyone for us!