Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Well, last week we started back up on the Homeschooling full force! 

After asking Caela what she thought of our new revamp she said:

"It reminds me of Dayspring"..(the school they were attending in Christiansburg)

Daniel tells me how fun school is! 

We are incorporating the kid's AWANA study into our own Devotion time. 
Each day Bill teaches on what the verse is that the children are learning. We start with Gracie and by end of week we get through each child. That's the GOAL anyway! 

Caela and Isabella started their Science Class last week. They go to a local church where the class is taught by a wonderful Mom who has a heart for HSing. The girls get to be with their new friends who also attend the AWANA program on Sunday nights. We even get to see each other at WALMART! 

As the week goes by we get to enjoy fellowship with friends from Healing Grace and neighbors.

Katie and Michael Sandifer enjoying Tea and Company!

We even take time out to get the MAIL! Isabella's American Doll Christmas and Birthday stuff has been arriving FINALLY! 

Some of you have been asking what our house looks like. 

Well. Here is our school room/dining room. Lots happens in this room! And there is my Orange Chair! Still a GREAT place to sit and chat! 

To the right is our Living room. We have a gas fireplace that makes it REALLY cozy! And our computer is stationed in the living room so the whole family can use it. 

We are beginning a new schedule and allowing the Lord to lead us in our Missionary Life. 

We have allowed a three hour TIME BLOCK for school each day and an hour of Reading Time. The afternoons can be used for cleaning, visiting and catch up. And when the sun is out the kids LOVE to jump on that trampoline! 

Well. We are off to pick up some homeschool books from a new friend and go to the Library! 

Much love to all!


Holli said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. My kiddos love the trampoline too! But someone always seems to be getting hurt on it. Our chiropractor doesn't like a trampoline:-)

Cheryl said...

Holli ~

I KNOW! We have a net around it and the kids seem to be handling the HEIGHT of jumps very conservatively. = ) You have a LOVELY blog!

Peace of the Lord, Holli!