Thursday, February 24, 2011



hmmm....what a challenge for us Homeschool Mommies. 
I was just given this AMAZING resource from a seasoned Homeschool Mommy who is now an empty nester. The Original McGuffy Readers. What a TREAT!

With this last school year being SUCH a crazy and transitional many changes, this Homeschool Mommy is living out what I have read of so many Homeschool Mommy's journeys. You start out researching, praying, asking the Lord for discernment in making the RIGHT decision for your children's curriculum. 

When I homeschooled 4 years ago I knew I wanted to do the Charotte Mason approach. 

I loved that whole books would be used. 
I loved that all the Language Arts, etc. would be taken from the books used. 
I loved that it was a "Life" learning approach. 

In October I purchased the Epi Kardia Curriculum. I was excited because it was Charlotte Mason based with the use of Unit Studies to bring it all together. I loved the books that would be used. 

After 5 months of transition I have come to realize that this curriculum is a quite bit more high maintenance for me than I'd hoped. Because I can't return it at this point I will have to make it work for us somehow. 

As a Home School Mommy you really hope all the horror stories won't be your testimony...but, alas, all those seasoned Home School Mommies are right! = ) 

I came across a WONDERFUL blog 

WHAT an encouragement! Each month these 4 moms share about an area of Homeschooling or living with a large family. So often as Homeschool moms you get concerned that you aren't doing enough for your kids in life and education. But listening to the schedules of these four amazing women I felt like I'm doing JUST FINE! 
So. Today, as we continue to walk out this Call in New Bern, NC at Healing Grace Church living out the Homeschool family life, I embark on a new transition in my schedule, my focus, and my continued laying my children before the throne of God to be His: Love Him, Seek Him, and learn to HEAR His voice so that from that firm foundation in relationship to the King of Kings trusting that a heart and desire to learn and grow in this life will flow from them.



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