Friday, February 25, 2011

The Journey

The Children and I have been in New Bern now for almost 3 months. 
It's been quite an adventure thus far! 
With all the transition of moving, settling, and figuring out what Missionary Life is supposed to look like, I have been bouncing around like a rubber ball as I have sought the Lord for His best in all of it...Home Schooling, Ministry, House, Visiting, etc.

Having just come back from the Annual AMiA Winter Conference, which is ALWAYS a heightened whirlwind experience, the Lord did much in me at the conference and I was ready to return home and "unpack". Instead, I ended up with the Flu. 
NASTY thing! 
Laid me up for several days.

During that time I had a lot of time to pray. After much praying I started reading through old journals. Do you ever do that? WHEW! Brings your past right in front of you. 
For 10 years, Bill and I were without children. Many of those journals I read through were filled with day in and day out HUNGER, ANGUISH, and YEARNING for children. 

As those of you, who have followed me for years now, at some point between Isabella and Daniel I lost sight of that pain and desire of those childless years and started pining for outside ministry. WHAT!! 

As I lay in my bed reading those journals the Lord began to meet me and press deep in my heart and being to where I could feel His weighted presence in my stomach. 
He was speaking to my heart the mission field I have at home with my 5 little flowers. 
I don't know why I have always been grabbing for things outside my home. 
I really couldn't tell you. But sometimes it takes a few days laid out in your bed with beautiful bound books strewn all over your bed to REMIND one of what is MOST PRECIOUS in this lifetime on earth. 
This week has been a great turning for me. A turning and a stopping. 

A grounding.

My sweet pastor told me today, 
"When your home is in order and your children are prominent in your priorities then your ministry will flow fully and strongly from it." 

I started connecting with my old Home School bloggie Mommies this week. 
I LOVE BLOGGING!!! To be connected and to hear and see the beauty of the Home School family! To walk alongside other HS mommies is SUCH a TREAT! 

AND Jesus has given me three HS Mommies here in New Bern that have children that are my children's ages. He knew. 

So. This week we turned a corner in our Missionary Life that Jesus confirmed. 

For those of you who are Home School moms desiring to hear about our schedule, like I am ALWAYS wanting to read about in yours! it is:

Monday - Thursday

7:00 Mommy gets up
8:00 Kids get up
8:30 chores
9:00 breakfast
9:30 Devotion and read aloud
10:30 Daily Core Subjects
12:30 Lunch
1:30 I work with Gracie - C/I/D do independent work
2:30 Clean Up - play

4:00 Reading Hour - Mommy rests = ) 

5:30 Dinner Prep - chores
6:30 Dinner
7:00 Hoping to start an after dinner Worship time with Daddy or Read Aloud with Daddy
8:30 Bed
11:30 Mommy to bed


Caela and Isabella go to 9:00 Science class
Grocery Day/Library Day/Project Day/Family Night

 Our Lord Jesus is FAITHFUL, KIND, and has ZEAL for His house. 

Thank you for walking out this journey with us! 


Chris in FL--Joyful Mother said...

Thanks for visiting Cheryl. Sounds like life is filled with excitement in your new place. It definitely takes some adjusting. But GOd is so Gracious to show us exactly where our minds and hearts need to be at focus. Sounds like God is putting great things in thought and heart. Keeping an orderly home is so very important. Almost every other day I have to rehash my's an ongoing process and it will always be. ha ha.


Chris xoxo

Cheryl said...

Hi Chris! So good to hear from you!

I'm excited about what Jesus is doing in YOU!

I'll be stopping by often...have a GREAT weekend, my friend!