Friday, February 26, 2010

Update on earlier post... "What to do? What to do? ...Harry Potter?"

Dear Ones,

After SEVERAL responses from blog and Facebook friends and family members and time in prayer I believe I have come to discern that I will enter into this season of Harry Potter with Caela and "walk with her" through it. 
Most of the responses that I received had to do with the excellent way these books share the profound difference between Good and Evil and how to respond well to it. The books also share how to walk through friendships and trials in your life boldly and honorably. 

Out of all of the responses that I received one stood out and really spoke to my heart:
"I believe that we cannot shelter our children to the point of EVERYTHING being Christian.  Because:  How will they ever learn truth from evil; right from wrong and DECIDE for THEMSELVES  which way they should go?  So many kids fall away from the Lord when they get into high school and college when the parents are not there to steer them in the way they should walk.  They need to decide on their own, this is WRONG and I will NOT walk in that path.  Caela is a very strong Christian for her age.  ...will she walk in the way of the evil or decide NO, this is not Jesus' way I won't walk there.  The HARM is NOT in the reading, but in the deciding if it is wrong or not.  What I'm saying is her faith will mature as she is exposed to the ways of the world.  Right now EVERYTHING is godly to her.  Where is the battle in her mind?  NO WHERE, it's all Christian.  Good?  I think not because she has never strengthened her belief in NOT following the wrong way.  See what I mean?  I understand that the good always wins over the evil in Harry Potter books.  She could even learn thru those books to chose the way of the godly. I think Harry Potter is more of Good over Evil.  Hey, the Bible has a LOT of evil." 

- I won't share the author because I did not get permission yet. = ) 
Another friend shared..."I think your husband's guidance in this regard is key as well. If he is peaceful about it, perhaps that is something that needs to lead your heart to peace as well..." This really resonated with me.

All of our children are going to encounter much in their lives. During these few quick years we have them at home to share God's Truth with in safety and love every opportunity we can to teach them what is under His umbrella and what isn't and how to respond God's way is vital. I have kept them from these books because of the wizardry, but I believe, after your thoughts and the Lord's peace, that I can have an opportunity to enjoy them with her and again, walk with her through what they encourage and helping her to recognize the reality of true witchcraft and evil in this world. 

Thanks to all of you who were kind enough to take a few moments to share your wisdom with me. I truly appreciate it!

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