Thursday, March 11, 2010


The children are home for end of quarter. 4 full days with the kiddlings! Daniel has been wanting to clean out the guest room for weeks! So today they are all digging through. I will post pics later to share the chaos! With the guest room finalized EVERY room in my home will be settled...not counting closets and drawers, of course! 

I'm SO EXCITED! I had a REVELATION about the order of our home last night! Isabella has been BEGGING us for her OWN room for YEARS! Yes, I know she's ONLY 10...but 10 going on 40. = ) Last night, as I rocked my little Liliana my mind started to wander to "possibilities" fun! 

Our house is "odd" to say the least. We have exactly 12 rooms not counting 2 bathrooms. As I began to reorganize the house and furniture in my head last night it was revealed to me that Caela, Isabella and Daniel COULD actually have their own rooms! If I give up my office and make it Isabella's room...with her desk, bed, and dresser. Then Caela could have the Guest Room with her desk, the fouton rack as a bed and her dresser. Then Daniel could take Caela's current bed, a new dresser waiting at Gramma's and his desk. 

Then Gracie and Liliana can take the matching blue beds their Aunt Susie gave us and move into Caela and Isabella's old room. I give Liliana's crib to a friend awaiting the arrival of their first baby and that frees up MY bedroom for my rocking chair, a floor lamp and sweet table for reading and "Quiet Time". My desk can go up in the playroom where the kids' desks are currently and WHOALA! = ) 

To anticipate each child having a space to make their own and be able to DO their homework IN THEIR ROOMS so there is quiet and focus...ESPECIALLY for CAELA!!! WHAT a gift that would be! 

I'm just welling right now with excitement, but Bill told me NOT to share with the kids yet! I had to tell SOMEONE! So YOU GUYS get an EARFUL! = ) 

I am daily blessed to have this house and live in Southwest, VA! To have such an amazing view out our front door and space for our brood! 

Thank you, Jehovah Jirah, our provider!


Joyeful said...

It's a lot of work moving furniture around but I agree that it's a blessing to give our kids their own space!! God is such a wonderful provider!

So lovely to meet you, Cheryl!

Mama D.'s Dozen said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I look forward to reading more of yours.

Have to comment, though, your kids do NOT all need their own rooms. Sharing bedrooms is a very good thing ... it builds relationships, it develops character. My young adult children are THANKFUL that they shared their bedrooms. We have usually had 3 or 4 kids in each bedroom. This is a GOOD thing.

For homework ... maybe one needs to use the desk in the guest room ... maybe one needs to use a corner of Mama's bedroom. But, I really encourage you to not give in to the kids' pressure (and society's pressure) that "all kids need a room of their own".

Sorry. Don't like to jump on toes the minute I find a new blog, but this is an area I'm passionate about. It is GOOD for kids to learn to share. (My older kids have thanked me, as they have seen how self-focused their young adult peers are.)


Laurel :)

Cheryl said...

Hi Ladies! So nice to have you visit!

I have to say I have a tug to want the children to remain sharing a room. So I do agree WHOLEHEARTEDLY with you, Laurel, but I believe we are trying to see what would work best for all the kids. Knowing my kids, they will probably end up hanging out in MORE space in each other's rooms! = ) We are still working it out together...thus the hush hush to the kiddos!

SO GLAD to meet both of you! I just LOVE your blogs and who you are in the Lord and as parents!

Peace of the Lord,

Amy said...

Oh my goodness! What fun fun fun!! Lots of reorganizing and fun changes in store for your lovies! Wee hoo!
I am excited for next week... my kids are on spring break as well.

Love my kids home too! Nothing better!