Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Mother's Prayers....THANK YOU for my Blog Award!

I just want to thank my dear Bloggy Friend, Kathi, for giving me this blog award! 

Kathi is at  A Mother's Prayers ...

It is such a blessing to know that what began as a desire to share the life of our clan with family and friends has become an avenue to bless and connect with other moms who hunger to live out this life fully devoted to the Lord...with all our weaknesses in raising men and women who will impact the world for His sake.

Thank you, Kathi, for thinking of me! 

Peace of the Lord, my friend! 

Kathi, shared that I need to write 7 things about myself and send this blog award to other bloggers that I think are fantastic. I will do the awarding later, but I'll indulge you with the 7 things now. 

1. I am a hopeless romantic and LOVE all it's forms! With Spring coming I pine after a visit to the National Cathedral in Washington, DC and a look around in their precious outdoor gift shop!

2. I LOVE baby feet! Not ANY baby feet...but MY children's baby feet! I just can't get enough of them! 

3. I LOVE to connect with be a part of impacting others for Jesus. To feel the "sweet affection" (1 Peter 1:22) ..."deeply from the heart" with sisters and brothers in Christ. To pray with others and sense the Holy Spirit speaking to us...realizing His reality in our midst as we seek Him fun!

4. I LOVE my husband's quirks. = ) He is a powerful worship leader who brings the church to the throne of Grace every Sunday...but he is a tride and true introvert...such a dicotomy ...CRAZY! But I always said I could never marry a CPA who was all out there...I wanted someone that would take a lifetime to reveal...and Bill is my mystery and complete counterpart...I SO LOVE THIS MAN! = )

5. We were 10 years without children. The Lord did a deep healing in our marriage the year before I became pregnant with Caela and the year to the day after our lowest moment in our marriage I found out I was pregnant with Caela! God is good ALL THE TIME! And after she came as my 30th birthday present...this month of March...Jesus saw fit to give us 4 more little AWESOME babies! "We're not worthy!" = ) But I'm so glad He doesn't think that! = )

6. 5 years ago Jesus gave Caela a heart for the country of Rwanda...and it's orphans. We continue to seek Him as to how we can serve this country. We are grateful for our relationship to Bishop John Rucyahana and to the Mizero Children of Rwanda. 

7. I can't stand packing! = ) 

That's it for now! Come back and check for my award list this next week!

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