Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Lynette's Simplifying for Sanity...

So my friend, Lynette, at Simplifying for Sanity
visited my blog the other day and said, "Hey, you should put your Living Room/Guest Room Adventure on my Simplifying for Sanity post!"

So, I'm taking her up on it! 

I have reposted my craziness from last Thursday. We are still digging out and I HOPE that by Monday, when she has her next posting, I can have some AFTER shots! 

Lynette, you have SO MANY things in your living room that I have or WOULD have! Our tastes are SO SIMILAR! No wonder I just love you! 

Your curtains are the very ones I purchased several years ago and actually use it as a tablecloth outside during the Spring and Summer...AND VICTORIA MAGAZINE!!! NO WAY!!!! Don't you just miss the early years of that Mag when Nancy was Editor? 

Excited about your Living INSPIRING! 

So...Here's the post from last week:

Last Thursday Daniel and Gracie pulled EVERYTHING out of our Guest Room/Storage Room...we don't have a basement or an attic, and I am spending the week organizing and cleaning and sorting and on and on and on...

Daniel and Gracie went to town!

All by themselves!

And then...I almost lost sight of them in the mess! = ) 

But BOY did they have fun! 

Now, hopefully, by Sunday our living room will be back to normal:(It's past Sunday we're shooting for MONDAY!)


Anonymous said...

WOW! Very Pretty. I couldn't have a Fancy Room like that in a Million Years...I'm on the 4th set of Lamps for our Family Room in 12 years, and they're already Broken! Your Children must be so well behaved!...And Mostly Girls :)

Cheryl said...

Hi Kathi!

Well...this is one of those "hoping to keep toys out of this room", room. = ) It's our front room and to be honest...the day I took this photo I had just deep cleaned it and told the kids to steer clear till I got a pic! = )

I got the playlist on! did you see it?! Do you know if you can add your own music to this? My husband has some mp3 stuff I'd like to add. Let me know...THANKS FOR YOUR HELP, KATHI! = )

Lynnette Kraft said...

Ah, a kindred spirit. Yes, I DO miss the old Victoria mags. I was SO excited when they republished, but have to admit, I'm not thrilled with them like I used to be - in fact, I even let my subscription expire. You know what though, I have all my old ones to go back too! I ADORE them.

How funny that you have the same curtains. Great idea using them to cover a table. Perfectly lovely.

Glad you linked up!
Have a joyful weekend - mine WILL BE productive. See, I said it like because I need to convince myself. ha!