Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Again...He's Got Me Remembering!

photo taken by Quigg Lawrence

Summer - 2005. Caela got the BUG! = ) 

Yesterday, Caela told me that her friend's Mom was making some pretty awesome necklaces and she wanted to get one with the 
picture of her, at 7, with Bishop John Rucyhana in it. 

Check out Michelle's etsy shop...Cre8tive Charm
...they ROCK! 
She then started to tell me about the Humanities Fair NEXT YEAR and that she can do ANYTHING she wants to do and she wants to do it on Rwanda! 
I just started to remember that AMiA Winter conference...2006...and got those Memory Juices flowing...it's just going to be this way for awhile I'm thinking...just letting the Lord lead me in memories as they come this year!
Join me...

My Hub, Bill....
Three AWESOME men of God...Jonathan Goldman, founder of Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee, Archbishop Emmanuel Kolini, and Quigg Lawrence, Rector of Church of the Holy Spirit in Roanoke, VA. 

Dinner with our bud, Tom Herrick, Executive Director of The Titus Institute. 

Three PRECIOUS children who hung out for 3 days while Mommy and Caela 
manned a table and sold $2500 worth of GREETING CARDS for SONRISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAHHH!

Caela and Isabella with Bishop John as he writes a note. We continue to pray for the Lords' leading in our service to Bishop John and Sonrise.

And, lastly, I'll put this one in...it wasn't AT the conference, but the month before

PRECIOUS Lynne Pope...who saw a little girl's "burden" and RAN WITH IT with us! 

Thanks, Lynne, you are JUST SO AWESOME! 

Again, I will HAVE to do a post, at some point, on the journey from start to "pause"...because IT AIN'T OVER...but for those of you who don't know...Jesus used Caela to raise over $23,000 for Sonrise Orphanage...
and I believe the Lord has much to use this gal for! 

"Do not hinder the little children...let them come to Me!"

"And a little child will lead them." 

peace of the Lord...thanks for journeying back with me tonight...
such a gift to be able to 


jody said...

awesome!!! Gives me encouragement that maybe I CAN raise just $3000 ;)

Grace Wheeler said...

That is REALLY cool!